Chrome: How to use extension that not from web store

From  version 35,  Chrome will disable extensions that not come from Chrome web store. It do makes your Chrome safer,  But it also bring some problems for some users.  That is, If you are using a extension that you don’t want to upload it to the Chrome web store, you can not use it anymore. This extension will be disabled and can not be enabled:

Well, here is how to re-enable extensions like this (not from Chrome Web Store):

  1. navigate to chrome://extensions page. delete the disabled extension by clicking the trash icon
  2. find your extension file that ends with .crx or .zip extension.
  3. right click on the file, use 7-zip software(or any other extract tool) with “Extract to…” command to extract the extension
  4. drag and drop the extracted FOLDER to the chrome://extensions page.
  5. Confirm the permissions  confirmation information
  6. You are done.

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