It’s 23th Jan already.

2019-nCoV virus is raging in China and some other countries, and also lunar new year tomorrow.

Just like 17 years ago, SARS everywhere. Back then I was a senior middle school student. Sat in the classroom every day, the teachers tried sterilization by boiling vinegar in the classroom.

Luckily it’s spring soon, SARS gone quietly just like how it came. Hundreds of people died, lots of them were doctors and nurses. Feel so sad about them.

Then in 2009, there was H1N1. I was at university. I only saw the news on TV and the internet. Weird thing is, in my memory, it was not as bad as in 2003. I was busying getting prepared for job, nothing different. But I just found out today on the internet, about 648 people died in China mainland, while it was 349 in 2003 SARS. Kind of shock news to me.

And now, more than 600 people in China mainland got this virus, 17 of them dead. Heard from some news there would be more soon since Wuhan is a big city and many people who work there will go back to their own town to celebrate the lunar new year.

In the meantime in the US, CDC says about 6600 died because of the flu.

And in Australia, the fire has burnt for months and it’s still burning.

So many disasters this year. I just wish everything will be OK for everyone and no more disaster to every country and every human being.