If you open your code in Windows, and run git in WSL bash, you will have a big chance to meet an issue that git status shows all your file get modified. To fix the issue, run this in WSL bash:

git config --global core.autocrlf true

Normally I use OSX, but today I have to go back to my Windows PC to try an extension on Edge.

I’m using WSL (that’s Windows Subsystem for Linux) to manage and build my projects.

After I cloned my repo from Github, I tried to create a new branch for Edge version. But after I ran git branch branchname , it told me that there were changes need to commit first.

So I ran git status, to check what’s been changed. Then I got this:

all files modified

This was a simple app. so it’s basically showing that every file got modified. But I hadn’t do anything to any file.

It’s because I was using git in WSL, but I opened files in Windows system. So the line ending is CRLF, but git thought it’s on Linux so the line should ends with LF.

So the fix command will tell git to use CRLF and line ending.