To zip compiled project file is easy, normally I just use archivejs, write a small nodejs script, and then add a script in package.json.

And then I need to zip the source code only. Exclude the dist folder, the huge node_modules folder and other folders.

Basically just source code and exclude everything in .gitignore file.

I tried to use archivejs’s glob api. Like so:

archive.glob('**', {
  ignore: ['folder/**', 'file']

But I could not make it works, it either zip nothing or zip everything in my folder, I think it’s because the path that I set is not correct. And I don’t want to spend too much time on reading and exploring archivejs’s api doc.

So I came to use zip command in terminal. To use it is very simple, just use -x to exclude file, like this

zip -r directory -x \*\*/\*/node_modules/\*

Which is great. But the command is too long and if there are many files you want to exclude, you will need to write down them every time.

At the same time I found that with git archive I can do this easily. so just run

git archive --format=zip HEAD -o

it will pack all your source code into zip file, exclude everything in the .gitignore file. Super neat.