JavaScript :How to detect if an element is visible

There are many ways to detect if an element is visible on page. like```javascript !== none && element.visibility !=

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Enable HTTPS on local, even with a customizable domain

Normally, when you're debugging your web app on local, you can access it with either `http://localhost:PORT` or ``.T

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Firefox offline installer official download page

Why do I need offline installer of Firefox?Because its online installer is too slow. (Yes the installer that you download from its index

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Do not store file outside of WSL, it is slow

For some reason, I have switch back to Windows OS after years of working on MacOS.Most of the time I'm working on frontend projects, so t

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A wrong solution on Leetcode

With all these years as an engineer, I never tried Leetcode.Maybe it's because I never prepared for interview before.Well, now I have t

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I am available for freelance work

I am available for freelance work. If you have a project that you want to get started, think you need my help with something or just fancy saying hey, then get in touch.

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