A Simple bash script to modify macOS DNS by detecting SSID

I believe most of us have different DNS settings for different networks. For example, in my case, I use Google's public DNS `` and C

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Mendix: How to debug javaaction with IntelliJ and VS Code

Sometimes, you may want to debug the Java actions in Mendix project. In the Mendix Documentation, it only shows how to debug Java actions w

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Mendix: How to connect to built in hsql database from dbeaver

By default, Mendix project is using HSQL as the database.If you want to check the db tables and data, you can simply do this:- start th

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Fixing the Close Action for a Modal popup in Mendix

Our tester engineer recently reported an issue where in a Mendix app, it takes more than 3 seconds to close a popup after clicking the clos

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Mendix: How to call Microflow in Java Action and use its return value

After you dive into Mendix for a longer time, you would find yourself writing java code now and then. Don't worry, good news is that you do

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