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Mendix: How to connect to built in hsql database from dbeaver

img of Mendix: How to connect to built in hsql database from dbeaver

By default, Mendix project is using HSQL as the database.

If you want to check the db tables and data, you can simply do this:

  • start the project from Mendixo Studio Pro
  • in the console tab, you will find a sub tab Advanced
  • click it will open a menu, there is a item start built-in database viewerOpen databaseviewer

A database viewer will open, it has simple and basic UI, which you can check all the tables or you project. and do query, delete actions easily.

And you can also run SQL in it.

Well, this is nice. but it’s a bit too simple.

Sometimes, especially for those who has more development experience and has own favorite data viewer like MySql workbench, or DBeaver, how to use them to view the Mendix project’s database.

It’s also simple.

Let’s take DBeaver as example.

  • open the built-in db viewer in Mendix Studio Pro.

  • Click File - Connect, this will open a small window.

  • In this window, it shows the connect info of current project’s dababase, let’s call this window SP Window for referrence. db connection info

  • Now open DBeaver

  • Click the new connection icon, in the popup window, type HSQL to search, and pick HSQL ServerDbeaver

  • Click next. in next window, select URL, copy the jdbc... value in the SP Window as the JDBC URL in DBeaver

  • For the Username and Password just use the same one in the SP Windowmodal_button_close_page

  • Click Finish

You are done, now you can play with the Mendix project database with DBeaver